Q: I am a 24 year old male bachelor. My problem is that since the age of 17 I am having regular Nightfalls. I think it started because I am an introvert person & I used to dream about sexual fantasies very much since my childhood. Initially color of my semen used be white, but after sometime it turned to transparent (like water). Now over the years problem has increased. I have grown very weak. There are dark circles under my eyes. Everybody reminds me of my poor health. This also has psychological impact on me and made me very weak emotionally. I have lost my concentration. The size of my penis has also remained very small and erection period has reduced. Problem is so serious that even on masturbation I am unable to produce semen. On the top of it my parents are forcing me for marriage. Please help me out, tell me what I should do. Also please give me addresses of some good sexologists. Please show me he right way.

A:Nightfalls medically referred to as nocturnal emissions, are perfectly normal. You see, seminal fluid is not a vital fluid like many erroneously believe. Nor is a man born with a fixed quantity of semen that he must ration frugally all his life. Seminal fluid is just like any other bodily fluid, like urine, perspiration or tears that is produced for secretion to the outside. The only difference is that it is capable of generating life. Seminal fluid is being continually produced by the body and old fluid must give way to new because sperms dont have an indefinite life span. Boys attain physical maturity at 13 or 14 and are ready for such at that young age itself. Yet sexual opportunity presents itself usually only much later. Many men have sex for the first time after marriage in their twenties or even later. You cannot keep semen locked up in the body for a decade or longer. It must find its way out. If there is no sexual opportunity, it must be released through masturbation. If not, its going to find its way out in your sleep anyway. Neither phenomenon causes any debility or weakness.
Its got nothing to do with being an introvert. All your symptoms are purely imaginary. Seminal consistency does vary in men from time to time. Many factors are responsible. I repeat, all your symptoms are purely imaginary and self-induced and stem from abysmal sexual ignorance. Regarding the size of the penis and being unable to produce semen will require a physical examination. I need to talk to you. Please schedule an appointment to see me.


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