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Negative thinking

Q: I am 32 male,working as middle Management in a Public sector. My problem is I am thinking negatively about others. This leads to myself making me a victim to them in that i blame myself. For example, I think that my colleaque is against me, my reactions to him also go in that tone and ultimately it happens really and i am not able to bear that. Even today I realise the same. Could you please help me to overcome this attitude.

A:There are two possibilities that might explain the cause of your problem. The first is that you have low self esteem, hold yourself in low regard, and assume that others see you the way that you see yourself. The second is that a chemical imbalance in your brain causes you to have distorted or false thoughts, about yourself and other people. What to do: You can definitely be helped by a competent mental health professional. You should consult with a psychiatrist, psychologist, or social worker-psychotherapist. That person, by asking you questions, may be able to tell which of the two possibilities is true in your case. If it is the first, counseling to help you overcome low self esteem is the proper treatment. If it is a chemical imbalance, then medication can be very helpful, and can correct your tendency to distort your interpretations of what people say and think about you.


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