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My TB result is equivocal, what should I do?

Q: I just went through a gallbladder surgery two weeks back. Before that I had fever which usually came in the evening for half an hour and never crossed 99. After the surgery too the fever never stopped in the evening. I got all the tests done and the TB test was neither negative nor positive, it was equivocal at 97.7. Now the doctors say that I have a 50-50 chance of having TB and told me take a good diet. Can you suggest what type of a diet should I take to avoid TB? My haemoglobin and the iron too in the body is low?

A:If you do not have appreciable weight loss recently, tiredness, weakness then you should just remain under observation. You should do a tuberculin test with 5 T.U. You must have an X-ray of the chest and a thorough general physical examination. This much fever can be a normal variant or could be due to many conditions other than TB. Regarding diet there is nothing specific but healthy nutritious diet with protein and fruits, vegetables and cereals should suffice.


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