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My speech is causing me emotional distress, please help me?

Q: I am 29 years old and I have a problem regarding my speech. The problem started two years back and I think it is due to depression. When I am normal, I can talk to everybody smoothly but sometimes when I get excited or nervous, then I cannot talk properly and start stammering. This problem increases when I get a call from my boss but when I talk to my friends it disappears. I had taken speech therapy classes about six month back but it did not make any difference. The only thing the therapist said was to try to speak slowly and do some relaxation exercises. I did all that but in vain. I also went to a homeopath doctor and took medicines for about one year but this too did not help. I am fed up with my life due and my career has got spoilt. Please suggest what I should do?

A:Your speech fluency problem naturally causes you psychological stress, which in turn increases the problem. Your therapy cannot be limited to just slow reading. It is the mind which would need to also develop to be able to get over the nervous tensions you feel. You need to find a good speech therapist who will plan out a realistic treatment plan which considers stabilising your currently episodic speech fluency as well as empowering the mind behind the mouth.


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