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Lumbar spondylysis

Q: What is meant by lumbar spondylysis and what is the treatment for the same. What is the precaution to be taken as I am suffering from ischymeia heart disease.

A:Spondylolysis is a break in the pars interarticularis (part of vertebra). It is seen in L4 and L5 (lower lumbar vertebra). it may be developmental or acquired. it is commonly seen in athletes or gymnasts, or people who hyperextend their back a lot. it is also seen in some degenerative diseases. A bilateral spondylolysis can give rise to slippage of one vertebra over another (spondylolisthesis). A few days of rest will usually take care of a stress fracture or stress reaction, if there is one. if the problem is long standing, you may benefit from exercises, and restriction of certain activities. exercises should be paraspinal and abdominal muscle strengthening exercises and should avoid hyperextension of the spine. if the symptoms are long standing and not resolved by conservative treatment, surgery may be an option.


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