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Lipid profile test

Q: For the lipid profile blood test, I am told that after dinner, the blood test should be taken on the next morning on fasting and there should not be more than 10-12 hours gap. In case the gap is more what happens? Will the triglycerides and LDL and HDL cholestrol go up or down? What would be the level if the interval is only about 6-8 hours? If I take water on empty stomach about one or two hours before the blood test what would be its effect on the result of lipid profile test?

A:The minimum recommended gap after a meal for lipid profile is about 12 hrs. If this is exceeded by several hours nothing happens. There is no alteration in the lipid pfofile upto almost 24 hrs of fasting. There is no harm in taking water in the intervening period. If the period of fasting is less than 10 hrs, there may be changes in the lipid profile leading to inaccurate interpretation.


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