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limb lengthening

Q: I haveve read about increasing ones height by Limb lengthening performed in Trivandrum medical college. I want to know more about it.1. Is there any age limit to undergo that?2. How long should one be in the hospital for that?3. Is it painful?4. How costly is it?5. Im staying in Mangalore. Is there any other hospital near here which performs, Limblengthening ?Since I dont know the contact address of Trivandrum medical college & cant find out its website, I want information on that.

A:There is no age limit for limb lengthening. But age plays some role in the eventual result. As to the amount of lengthening, it can be upto 15 centimeters. The rate of lengthening is 1mm per day. So depending on how much lengthening one needs, the number of days can be calculated. The lengthening is started average a week after the operation. and the frame is removed once consolidation of the new bone is seen on the xray. So adding all these, it may be in months before the frame can be removed. Though you dont have to be in the hospital for lengthening. And it is usually done by the patient at home. There are complications of lengthening that one should be aware of. like pain, nerve and vascular injuries, or joint contractures. lengthening can be painful at times. As far as a place near mangalore, I dont know that.i am in US, and I am not aware of centers for limb lengthening in south india.


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