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Itching in the private parts

Q: I am a 30 years old woman suffering from itching in the private parts from last one month, particularly a week before the menstrual cycle. I use dettol soap but want to know if this can be due to sitting in the AC environment in my office. What else can be the reason for this and what is the treatment?

A:Itching anywhere in the body is a symptom of some ailment and by itself it is not a disease. Just like saying that I have fever does not mean anything except that there is something wrong going on in your body. Many skin disorders lead to itching. Further any skin disorder can occur in the private area, as that area has also got skin. However, the usual conditions which lead to itching in this area are: fungal infections, intertrigo, seb dermatitis, scabies, pubic lice and contact dermatitis. To the best of my knowledge, working in an AC environment does not lead to itching in this area.


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