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Ischemia of heart

Q: What is Ischemia of heart?

A:Ischemia is the most common form of heart disease. It is the lack of oxygen to the heart because the arteries that carry the blood to the heart have narrowed. The lack of oxygen to the heart and the related problems that occur are called coronary heart disease.The heart muscle needs enough oxygen and blood to properly contract and keep the heart pumping blood to the rest of the body. When the muscle can't do this, it causes problems such as chest pain (ANGINA PECTORIS) and that can lead to heart attack. It is the leading cause of death because it can cause heart attacks. You have a higher chance of getting this condition if you smoke, have high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, are obese, are physically inactive and constantly under stress. The importance of this condition is that it serves as one of the only warning signs for a heart attack. In a heart failure the heart can't continue to pump blood to the body if it isn't getting the oxygen it needs because of ischemia. Often, the first symptom of myocardial ischemia is angina pectoris (temporary, sharp pains/ discomfort in the center of the chest). The treatment is complex. The following things are done but vary for each individual: Lifestyle changes (smoking, high fat and cholesterol diet, exercising etc.), medications, cholesterol lowering drugs, blood pressure lowering drugs (to reduce the load on the heart),Beta blockers, Nitroglycerin, Calcium Channel Blocker and Bypass Surgery. Since ischemia can lead to a heart attack which can kill, it is best to avoid getting it in the first place and proper prevention methods should be considered. If you do get myocardial ischemia or coronary artery disease, with treatment, one can lead a normal life and reduce the risk of getting a heart attack. If a heart attack were to happen, with immediate treatment, one can survive for long but some damage is done to the heart which causes problems such as heart failure in the long run.


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