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Is tuberculosis of the brain hereditary?

Q: I am a 28-years-old female. I have been married for the past one and a half years. I was diagnosed with tuberculosis in right parietal lobe of the brain, two months back. Since then, I have been taking Forecox, Oxytol, Benadon, and Surbex. Besides these medicines, I was also prescribed some steroids which I refused to take. The doctor said that we could decide on steroids after another scan. I get a feverish sensation every day in the evening, but only for half an hour. It gradually subsides after some time. Will I have any problems giving birth after the course is finished? Can TB recur? Will these tablets have any effect on my liver? Can I stop using Oxytol after 3 months? Is TB hereditary? Will my kids also get TB after some years?

A:Your symptoms will gradually reduce over time and you shall probably have no problems giving birth after the course is finished, though you may face problems in conceiving if the fallopian tubes are involved or have been scarred due to TB infection. TB is curable and chances of relapse after a complete course of treatment under a doctors supervision are extremely low. The anti-TB drugs may affect the liver and this is monitored by baseline liver function tests (blood test) along with regular follow-up with your doctor. TB is not hereditary, and since you do not have children right now there is absolutely no risk to them. However, your close family contacts may be at risk if you have lung involvement, but the chances of this are low. I am not sure about Oxytol as it does not appear on Indian Drug databases. However, Oxytrol is a antispasmodic medication containing oxybutynin, and is used to treat an overactive bladder. By relaxing the muscles in the bladder, it improves symptoms such as the inability to control urination, feeling that one has to urinate, and having to go to the bathroom often.


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