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Is Thyronorm safe during pregnancy?

Q: I am a 23 years old female diagnosed with diffuse goitre. My TSH levels are 22, T3 and T4 are normal. My doctor has suggested Thyronorm 75. I have read that hair fall and weight gain is the side effects of Thyronorm. Is it true? How long should I continue Thyronorm? Can I conceive? Is it safe during pregnancy?

A:You have subclinical hypothyroidism. Hair loss and weight gain are the side effects of medicine (thyronorm) but may be part of disease itself and should go away. In hypothyroidism there is modest weight gain. Even when the TSH level becomes normal, you should continue treatment. You may need lifelong thyroxine hormone. To know whether this dose is ok or not you need to get TSH repeated after 6 weeks from the start date. You can plan pregnancy when your TSH is normal and if you continue to take treatment, the baby should be fine. Just remember that during pregnancy requirement of thyronorm will increase.


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