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Is there any link between blood group and allergic reactions?

Q: I am 20 yrs old female and I have cervical spondylitis. My therapist says that I am suffering from it due to poor nutrition and bad sitting posture. Though I have now paced up my intake of good foods, I would like to know if there is any sort of food regimen that I need to follow. I also suffer from shortness of breath, specially the times when I have cold. Is it also due to my poor eating habit? I have blood group A+ and have just learnt that dairy products are not suitable for this people with this blood group. I would like to know how should I manage my diet?

A:There is no known relationship between blood groups and consumption of dairy products. Please remember the majority of persons do not know their blood group and eat whatever they like. There are no reports linking any such adverse effects in the population in general. You should eat what ever you want, provided you do not have any allergy to dairy products or other foods.


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