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Is there any harm in eating pork and beef?

Q: Is there any harm in consuming pork and beef in a limited quantity? I would also like to know about the nutrient content in pork and beef.

A:Pork meat is usually thought to be high in fat. All cuts of trimmed pork, with the exception of ribs, are lean. In pork, fat isn't found inside the meat fibres, but mostly around it, like a banana peel, which allows it to be removed easily. For instance, a medium portion of 100 g of cooked pork will not contain more than 7.5 g of fat, while recommendations for a healthy diet are about 65 g per day for women and 90 g per day for men. So it can be a good source of protein. Likewise, beef is a good source of protein, but the nutritive value and the fat content vary depending on the cut. Be sure to remove all visible fat and have a lean piece.


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