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Is there any chance of blockage of fallopian tubes due to tuberculosis?

Q: I am a 29 years old woman who had extra-pulmonary tuberculosis of the cervical lymph node six years back. I underwent surgery for the removal of the node and was put on anti-tuberculosis medications for a year. I had allergic bronchitis too and was put on inhalers Formonide and Fluticasone for the same. I used inhalers for a year without missing even a single dose. Now I am planning to conceive. Is there any chance of tubal tuberculosis (fallopian tube blockage) because of my above said infection? If yes, how do I proceed?

A:. If you have had complete and correct therapy for tuberculosis cervical lymphadenopathy and are asymptomatic now without any evidence for pulmonary or extra pulmonary tuberculosis you should have no problems with fallopian tube TB. I would however suggest you discuss with your internal medicine doctor as well as your gynaecologist so that they can examine you and see if any further testing is needed. Since you have not attempted to conceive yet there is no suggestion that you will have any difficulty. You should discuss with your physician if a chest x-ray or further specific tests of the fallopian tubes are needed after they examine you. Also some experts recommend evaluation for latent tuberculosis by doing a PPD skin test. You should make sure you are taking adequate folic acid and discuss your baseline health with your physician before conceiving.


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