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Is the thyroid medicine, Eltroxin, safe for the fetus?

Q: I am 24 weeks pregnant and my weight is 70 kg. I am 30 years old. In my blood test report for thyrotropin it is written that – Thyrotropin (sensitive TSH) is 6.18 HI (reference range is 0.35 to 5.00 MIU/L); free T4 is reflexively added when TSH>10 MIU/L. I have been prescribed to have a daily tablet of Eltroxin 50 mcg. Will this affect the well being of my unborn child or myself?

A:You are being given correct advice. During pregnancy even minor elevations in TSH are important, and need to be treated. You should aim to keep your TSH below 3, or even 2. You can test every 6 weeks and your doctor/endocrinologist will adjust your dose. Thyroxine (thyroid medicine) is safe for your baby.


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