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Is the pain on bending due to lack of exercise?

Q: I was suffering from acute pain from the buttock to the right ankle with numbness in the sole of the right foot. I was unable to walk more than 200m due to pain. Investigations included an MRI. I underwent a surgery for a prolapsed inter vertebral disc (L4-L5) 9 months ago. I was totally free from pain after the surgery. Two months after the surgery, I was advised exercises, which I did not do regularly. I do not exercise even now. I do not carry heavy weights and have a sedentary job. I use a 4 inch thick coir mattress, which is firm but not very hard. Off late, whenever I bend down to pick up an object that is a distance away from me, I get a terrible catch in the region I had been operated upon. I find it difficult to straightening my back. The pain is terrible. When I finally manage to become erect the pain goes away completely within a few seconds. What could be the cause of this? Is it anything to do with the surgery? Is it purely muscular? Is it due to not following the exercise regime? Please advise.

A:Your problem is due to the lack of exercise. Immediately after surgery, you should have done your exercises. Even now, I suggest you get yourself evaluated from a physiotherapist for the condition of your muscles and the numbness you have mentioned, so that you can gradually go for graded exercises which you can learn as follows: 1. Abdominal exercises 2. Trunk rotation exercises 3. Back extension exercises in stages, from forearm support to hand support, and finally with hands on the back. 4. Adopt correct postures in sitting, lying and sleeping. 5. Proper ergonomic advice as per your profession, so that you maintain proper lumbar lordosis during activities. Gradually, as you build your muscle strength, your pain will ease off, and you should get well soon.


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