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Is the pain in my joints due to the habit of cracking fingers?

Q: I am 31 years old and I weigh 55 kg. I am in a habit of cracking fingers and toes including ankles. After my baby's delivery I have developed acute pain in my finger joints and left ankle. At times it is difficult to put weight on my left foot and hold anything. The fingers get better towards the day but the pain is unbearable in the mornings.

A:By the description it appears that you have 2 entirely unrelated queries. First is related to a common habit of cracking fingers, toes and other joints. This is quite a normal habit that many persons have. It has no medical relevance and it is not known to be associated with any joint disease. The second problem you have mentioned is that of pain in finger joints and other joints after delivery that is worse in the mornings and improves as the day passes by. If it is true then it could be a serious joint disease of young ladies that can be crippling. It needs immediate assessment by a trained rheumatologist (not an orthopaedic surgeon). It must be mentioned that if detected and confirmed at an early stage even rheumatoid arthritis is almost completely treatable. But, for that you have to be seen by physicians with specialised training in joint diseases and immunology, called rheumatologists.


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