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Is the pain due to kidney stones or something else?

Q: Since last one year I am suffering from kidney stones. Last year I had 3 stones in both my kidneys measuring about 5-6 mms. One of them passed after giving pain and now again I feel I have the same problem. In a urine exam a few pus cells were found. The urologist is yet to give his opinion as I have to do another sonography, but he has asked me to also conduct Doppler test as he suspects some issues pertaining to my scrotum. He pressed them and asked me to cough. I am expecting sonography by tomorrow but I am also running fever for the last 10-15 days. Otherwise I am perfectly fine.

A:The Doppler test will confirm that the pain in the testes is not as a consequence of twisting of the testes or because of infection in the testicular area. The pain then, is likely to be a pain referred from the obstructed urinary tract and not from the testes directly. This type of pain is usually consequent to a stone which is temporarily held up in the ureter. The ureter is the pipe that connects the kidneys to the urinary bladder. This condition needs treatment depending on the discomfort it is causing to the patient and also depending on the degree of back-pressure on the kidneys consequent to the obstruction. The urologist would be able to guide further treatment after evaluating all the test results.


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