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Is the milk supplied by the dairy pure?

Q: Nowadays milk, which is supplied through the dairy is often not pure. How can I find out that the milk I am taking is pure or not? How do they add impurities in the milk? Please suggest.

A:What the milkman brings to your doorstep each morning is not any wholesome stuff but a mix of highly adulterated milk laced with harmful chemicals to increase its shelf life.

Ninety per cent of the milk has copious quantities of water in it, some of them contain a neutralizer (sodium bicarbonate or sodium hydroxide) to increase the shelf life of the milk; 85 per cent have a fat content lower than what was prescribed by the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954 (PFA), and 95 per has the SNF (solid not fat) value lower than that prescribed by the PFA.

Consumption of this milk would never lead to better health, stronger bones or teeth and is certainly not what children should be consuming even once a day, let alone three times a day! Instead, drinking this milk could lead to serious health problems ranging from kidney failure to reproductive problems.

So, while the milkmen are charging you for full cream buffalo or cow milk, many of them are actually supplying low fat milk with high amounts of bacterial water to increase the volume and chemicals to make it last.

The safest bet would be to have the milk that comes packed in tetra packs, as it is relatively tamper proof.


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