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Is surgery necessary for back pain?

Q: I have been suffering from backache for the last 15 years. I am 67 years old, weight is 57 Kgs and height is 5.4 feet. Since last month, my pain has been worsening. I did an x-ray L.S. spine AP/lateral after consulting the doctor. The results were: osteophytic process noted in lumbar vertebrate, normal alignment of lumbar spine, degenerative disc at L2-L3, no evidence of paravertebral soft tissues mass, sacro iliac joints normal and lumbar spondylosis with degenerative disc at L2-L3. Please let me know what type of treatment need to be undertaken to reduce the pain? My doctor has recommended surgery but is this the only option? Will the lumbosacral belt be useful to reduce the pain?

A:Lumbar spondylosis is a very common age-related problem and many patients benefit from a regular physiotherapy protocol. However, surgery is sometimes indicated if there is a prolapsed inter vertebral disc causing nerve compression. If your problem is very severe, I'd suggest you to have an MRI of the lumbar spine done before undergoing the operation and consulting a spine surgeon.


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