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Is skin contact with lead paint harmful?

Q: I have a question if there is a cut that is on the epidermis only how long can it take maximum for it to disappear completely? And if it is on the epidermis does it always disappear completely? and how many months on average (maximum) does it take? In my parents house, in the garden the floor was painted in summer and still whenever we walk on it the colour of paint comes out although it has many months since it has been painted already. Why is that? Does it mean it contains lead? and if so is it harmful if skin contact occurs with lead paint? If it does contain leaded paint while my daughter is playing barefoot outside, can leaded paint or any paint be ingested by only skin contact? For your information the house was built around 1978.

A:The time for a cut to heal varies considerably, and depends on the site, the depth, the cleanliness of the injury, and the subsequent therapy including the superficial skin care that is provided. Creams with Vitamin E and aloe may help, and oral dosing with Vitamin C and zinc could be beneficial. Lead in paint is not likely to cause any problem on normal contact once the paint has dried. Severe toxicity can occur if flakes of dried lead-based paints are eaten, and this can occur when children play around in buildings where old paint is peeling off surfaces.


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