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Is sex a form of energy?

Q: Is sex an energy or no? If yes, then according to science, Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Is this theory anything to do with sexual energy? If yes, then what could be the impact if a person suppresses ones sexual energy?

A:The expenditure of energy on sex is a function of both animal and spiritual investments in physical and psychic expenditures of both individual (microcosmic) and universal harmonic patterns of being. The true human being concentrates on developing and expending maximal psychic energy (love) rather than just physical energy, the latter being based on lust. Each individual may choose to expend similar total energy with more physical activity tending to reduce psychic energy and vice versa. Thus a lot of physical sexual activity can tip the balance away from love and the total satisfaction of sex may remain at an animal level. Love is an important part of the equation and more investment should be made in this quality of sexual energy expenditure.


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