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Is psoriasis and hair loss related?

Q: I am having psoriasis for last 10 yrs, mainly in my scalp and joints. The psoriasis affecting the joints keeps coming and going but the problem in the scalp does not go. I am losing a lot of hair due to which I am worried about becoming bald. I have been taking treatment but nothing helps. Recently I began applying Propysalic and Propyderm on my scalp and body and also taking vitamin A. Please suggest what is the best treatment?

A:Psoriasis is a chronic disease. Medication varies depending upon the extent of disease, general condition, side effects, other disorders and to some extent on the preference of the patient. It is not necessary to achieve total clearance of the lesions, as long as the patient is comfortable. Find the minimal medication to achieve comfort level. Use of local ointments with greater amount of salicylic acid may help; this may have to be formulated according to the clinical status of the disorder. Baldness and psoriasis of scalp are two different things and may coexist.


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