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Is physiotherapy useful for a frozen shoulder?

Q: My mother aged 67 has been suffering from pain in her right arm for last 15-20 days. Due to this she is having difficulty in lifting her arm normally. Today she visited an orthopaedic surgeon who has diagnosed it as frozen shoulder. He has given some medications and told her to go for some physiotherapy as well. Does she have to go for physiotherapy? What is frozen shoulder?

A:The term "Frozen shoulder" is often used for any painful condition of the shoulder. Physiotherapy plays an important role in the prevention as well as resolution of this condition. Relieving pain, increasing the present range of motion, strengthening the muscles of the shoulder joint and arm and keeping the neck free are all aims to be achieved by physiotherapy treatment. You can go to a nearby hospital or a private physiotherapy clinic for the treatment. I would suggest you to ask your mother not to sleep on the right side, though she may be feeling more relaxed by sleeping on that side, as this will aggravate the condition.


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