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Is operation the only solution for knee injury?

Q: I hurt my left knee while entering a train as i lost my balance. I felt my joint got dislocated and was having teribale pain. After consulting a doctor he said that one of the tendon has broken and he advised to use the knee cap and tab Dolo 650 for one week. Doctor has also said that I have to get it operated, otherwise it will be difficult for me to balance. I have a desk job. Please guide me what to do. Shall I undergo the operation? Or will it get OK itself? And for how long I have to use the knee cap?

A:From your description it seems you have an injury to one of the ligaments of the knee. However, apart from pain and limp you have not mentioned any other symptom that you are having. Unless I knew the exact ligament that is injured it will be difficult to advise you any intervention. Often, good muscles around the knee can compensate for loss of ligament function in the knee. However, the degree to which a given patient can compensate by improving muscle functioning with exercise varies. It also depends on demands that are placed on the knee. If you are leading an active life, involving vigorous physical activity then this may not be sufficient and you may need an operative intervention. You have written that you are doing only desk work. Possibly a good regime of exercise may build up the muscle around the knee and help you. But I would recommend that you have a clear discussion with your orthopaedic surgeon before you decide.


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