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Is OK to use nutritional supplements?

Q: I want information about the Amway's Nutrilite products. Is it advisable to use them? I tried getting feedback about it but am getting mixed reviews. I am unable to take a stand on it. My mother wants to use a few products like Positrim (for weight reduction), Ironofolic (Iron supplement) and another supplement for Vitamin B. Is it advisable to use them? She is 55 years old. Can I also use Positrim? I also want to lose some weight. Will using these products have any side affects?

A:Amway nutrilite may be used by you as a nutritional supplement though it should never be used exclusively to replace food. There is no harm. However, positrim may have detrimental effects and I do not recommend usage of the same. A multivitamin can be taken by your mother, which will supply all her vitamin needs and this may be taken only on doctor's advice depending on which suits her most. Remember excess of some vitamins is also bad for the system. I do not recommend you to use positrim or any other such product for weight loss. You can look forward to losing about 4-5 kg and this can easily be attained with a little bit of diet and exercise regimen.


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