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Is my weight gain related to hypothyroidism?

Q: I am 26 years old. I have hypothyroidism for the past 8 years. I am 5 feet in height and my weight is 57 kg. Though my thyroid is well regulated and in the limits of normal range, I am unable to reduce my weight. I had lost weight in the beginning when I started the medication but I gained it back slowly. I am having eltroxin under the prescription of a good doctor. I got my lipid profile done in which all was normal, except HDL cholesterol, which was 43.55 whereas the normal range is (45-70). Could this be the reason for me not being able to reduce my weight? What tests should I undergo to know if there is other reasons for me putting on weight?

A:Its a myth that hypothyroidism is associated with marked obesity and most of patients attribute their weight to hypothyroidism even if they are taking Eltroxin and test results are normal. I would like to inform you that hypothyroidism is definitely associated with weight gain but the contribution of weight gain due to disease is not so much and usually due to water retention which is a part of disease. Once treatment is started most of the patients lose some weight which is related to the disease and which is never so marked. So in your case I suggest that for your weight problem you should go for a diet programme along with daily exercise and I hope in few months time your weight will come to normal, which for your height is between 50 to 53 kg.


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