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Is my two years old child's diet sufficient?

Q: My son is 2 years old and his birth weight is 2.2 kgs. Now he weighs approx 9.5 - 10 kgs. A doctor has recommended some iron drops for him and suggested that we get his blood test done. His diet is milk (200 ml) and half a egg or cornflakes for breakfast; one chapati (with ghee) and daal with some vegetable for lunch; pediasure/milk (250 ml) and some biscuits in the evening and rice or chapati for dinner as well as some fruit after dinner. He loves chicken and prawns. Is this diet ok for him? His weight is increasing steadily but still he is underweight. Is the blood test and iron drops necessary? Please advise me on the same.

A:The diet given to your child is quite all right. As he grows older you could increase the variety in his food. A 2 years old can eat everything cooked at home, the stress should be on a healthy blend of cereals, pulses, fresh vegetables & fruits. Non-vegetarian food is also nutritionally very healthy. His weight is fine. You have not mentioned what blood test has been ordered for your child and for what condition. I am therefore unable to comment upon it.


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