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Is my sister suffering from a thyroid problem?

Q: My sister is 25 years old. She is suffering from thyroid problem. She did the following tests with values T3 (CLIA) 800 ng/dl, T4 (CLIA) 28.40 ug/dl, TSH (CLIA) 0.01 uIU/ml. I am aware that these values are very high from the normal range. Is she hyperthyroid or hypothyroid? I need to know how we can permanently resolve this disease. Can we go for radioactive surgery? Will her thyroid dysfunction affect her pregnancy?

A:These reports are suggestive of thyrotoxicosis and hyperthyroidism is one of its causes. To make a diagnosis of hyperthyroidism we need to carry out Radioiodine Uptake/thyroid uptake. If it is easily available near your place please get it done. In hyperthyroidism the uptake will be high. Once we make a diagnosis treatment is with medications for at least a year or so. Surgery and radioablation / radioiodine treatment is usually not required so even if someone suggests you do not go for it just take medications. The drug is called as Neomercazole to start with 10 mg thrice daily and dose will be adjusted with time. There is no special diet except that she should take high protein diet and if possible avoid iodised salt. She should not get pregnant till her thyroid profile is normal and if planning so she will need different medication called PTU.


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