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Is my semen report normal?

Q: I am a 36 years old male, 164 cm tall and weigh 60 kg. My semen analysis report states - Volume: 2 ml, Colour: white; Reaction: alkaline; Microscopy: 2 to 3; Pus cells: 0.1 million/HPF; Motility: Occasionally non motile spermatozoa seen; Count: 0.1 million/ml; Liquefaction time: highly viscous after 1 hour; Impression: Necrozoospermia. Is my semen analysis report normal?

A:Your semen parameters on this analysis are abnormal. At the very least, you should repeat the semen analysis to check whether the results are similar. If the results are similar, then you have low sperm counts which could be either from obstruction or from decreased production. The urologist/andrologist should examine you for urogenital abnormalities. Impaired spermatogenesis and decreased sperm production is often associated with elevated FSH concentration. Hence you would need blood tests to check FSH and testosterone levels. If there is an issue with obstruction, then you may need a surgical procedure to correct the problem.


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