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Is my lipid profile alright?

Q: I am 36 years old. Due to some cough problem I got a check up and the doctor advised an ECG and blood tests. The ECG is ok and the details of blood report are given below: Leucocyte count: 5200 mm3, Neutrophils: 60%, lymphocytes: 39%, eosinophils: 1%, blood sugar: (fasting) 90 mg%, serum cholesterol: 191 mg%, HDL cholesterol: 24%, triglyceride: 352 mg%. Kindly advice regarding the lipids.

A:Your triglyceride (TG) is elevated, which should be less than 200 and your HDL Cholesterol ( good cholesterol ) is low, which should be above 40. This kind of cholesterol abnormality is typical in Asian Indians, who also have elevated waist/hip ratio above 0.95. I would suggest the following measures for correction of the above abnormality: 1. Regular aerobic exercise at least 30 mts daily 2. Low fat diet 3. Please repeat your lipid profile after 6 months 4. If the TG is above 400, it needs to be brought down with the help of medication.


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