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Is my leg pain related to Vitamin D deficiency?

Q: I am a 42 years old lady suffering from hypothyrodism and taking Eltroxin for the last five years. I have been going for morning walks regularly for the last six months. My problem is that I have started getting pain in my shins. Previously it was only when I used to go for a walk but for the last two days, I am experiencing pain in my leg muscles (below knee), in the shin area and also in my lower back . I also have Vitamin D and Vitamin C deficiency. At present I am taking Calcium 500 twice with a Vitamin E tablet daily. Is my leg pain related to Vitamin D deficiency? Do I need to go for MRI?

A:Subjects with vitamin D deficiency have weak bones and with stress they can have stress fractures which may or may not seen on X-ray. I would suggest you get an X-ray of the leg and spine done first. Therapeutically, you should take vitamin D in form of Calcirol/D gain 60,000 IU per week for 8 weeks followed by once a week. Daily calcium intake up to 80 - 1000 mg either in diet or supplement is good enough. Also increase your physical activity overtime.


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