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Is my diet to lose weight fine?

Q: I have taken to a diet lately which has worked wonders on my system. I mostly eat fresh fruits, raw salads, nuts etc. No sugar, salt or dairy products. Not only am I losing excess kilos, (I have become 82 kg from a bulky 96 kg in 2.5 months), my body feels much lighter and my energy levels have shot up considerably. Overall, the benefits are great and I don't want to go back to my old, fat-rich diet. But recently, I heard a famous doctor saying that such a diet is bad in the long-term. Could you please enlighten me on the bad/side-effects of such a diet, if at all

A:It is important to eat a balanced diet and include variety of foods from different food groups. Not eating starches, milk and other dairy products will give you short term result of loss weight but in long run deprive your body of other vital nutrients like proteins. Fruits and vegetables can give you enough sugar, vitamins and minerals but are a poor source of proteins. I would suggest you to eat a balanced diet with cereal and grains, fruits, vegetables, milk, small amount of fat and non-veg if you were a non-vegetarian. Eating in moderation but balanced will help you in long term.


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