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Is my child suffering from dengue fever or leptospirosis?

Q: My daughter has high fever ranging form 100 to 103 degress since the last 3 days. She was tested for malaria and the result is negative. But my concern is that her WBC count is 4100 and her platelets is 1.37 lacs. Is this a symptom of dengue fever or leptospirosis? We stay in Mumbai. Should I get a blood test done for this?

A:Based on the limited information provided, it is difficult to diagnose the cause of the fever. There is mild thrombocytopaenia, and dengue could be one of the differentials. It would be worthwhile to get the test for dengue done after 5-7 days of fever, since it takes that much time for the patient to develop antibodies, and therefore the test, to become positive.


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