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Is it true that it is harder for men to get infected with HIV?

Q: Is it possible for a female to have unprotected anal and vaginal sex with an HIV+ man for over a year and not become infected? How is this possible? The man she is sleeping with got HIV after having sex only twice with an HIV+ woman, and I heard its much harder for a man to get it from a female than the other way around. How is it that he got it so quick, and this female has not?

A:If the specifics stated by you in your question are ‘true’, then it is unbelievable! Kindly consider following possibility. If a person is infected with HIV, then the blood test (Elisa test for HIV antibodies) becomes positive only after around three months. The period of initial three months, when the test comes negative is known as the ‘Window Period’. This is a dangerous period, as it gives the false impression that a person is HIV negative, and the infected person can give the infection to others through unprotected sex.


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