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Is it safe to stop medication for diabetes?

Q: I am a 36 years old male. Two months back, I was diagnosed with random blood sugar of 751 mg/dl. I had symptoms like dryness of the throat, frequent urination and rupture of the foreskin after intercourse. After the blood sugar test, I was given 2 insulin injections, while on drip. After 2 days the sugar was 570 mg/dl. Again I was given 2 more insulin shots. After that I took 2 tablets of glucophage every day. At the same time, I made some changes in lifestyle - like going for a morning walk and avoiding sugar, fatty foods etc. I have stopped taking the tablets for the past 1 month. I am continuing with the morning/evening walk and diet. Now my FBS is 104 and 145 after food. Some doctors are advising that I should not stop the tablet. Will this cause any problem as long as my blood sugar is under control? I also take alcohol once in a while (around 120 ml /2-3 times a week).

A:Ideally insulin sensitisers should be continued in this treatment. However, if you can continue to exercise and maintain your diet and also continue to monitor your blood glucose regularly; then you may not require any drugs. Strict monitoring of blood glucose is required through out.


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