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Is it safe for an asthmatic to migrate to a cold country?

Q: My wife is suffering from acute asthma since her childhood and takes Asthalin-4 or Asthalin inhaler once a day which solves her problem. She is 29 year old. Now my problem is, I want to migrate to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. As Canada is very cold, I want to know if is it advisable to migrate with this problem or will it create a major health problem? Could this lead to refusal of Visa?

A:Although cold weather can exacerbate asthma, this is most likely to occur when going from a warm building into cold air. However, the adverse effect can be minimised by using 2 to 4 puffs of a bronchodilator 10-15 minutes before going out, and by breathing through a scarf wrapped loosely across the mouth. Some patients find that an inhaled asthma medicine - Intal, or a similar product Tilade is of benefit in protecting against cold-induced asthma. Since asthma is a very common disorder, and it is readily treated with excellent medications, it would be improper to exclude immigration based on a history of asthma. Moreover, asthma is just as likely to be more of a problem in very warm countries because of exposure to dusts and organic pollutants.


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