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Is it safe for a varicose veins patient to jog?

Q:  I am a 29 years old female having varicose veins. Is it safe for me to jog? I had filariasis in my left leg and took medication for it three years back. Now I have pain in my right leg. Is it the symptom of filaria?

A:Jogging is not forbidden in varicose veins disease. In fact walking is encouraged in venous disease. Regular walking does open up new channels both in veins and arteries. However, I have to qualify the answer to some extent that, if there is varicose vein disease then either it should be treated first by whatever is appropriate; or use effective compression hosiery at least during waking hours and during walking.
Filariasis does not usually last for years, but the damage caused to the lymph channels and lymph nodes persist and can be progressive. The damage is reflected in terms of increasing swelling starting from foot and going up to the groin. I cannot be certain what is the cause of the pain in this case, the filarial infection seems less likely but not impossible.
Varicose veins are curable in many cases, but if the damage is also in the deep veins then it is difficult to eradicate the problem. However all patients can be symptomatically improved with sensible assessment and treatment.


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