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Is it possible for a girl to increase her height?

Q: I am 23 years of age and married. I have a query regarding whether height can be increased after attaining a certain age of maturity specially in the case of girls. I have a mark of major accident in my left leg which took place in the year 1983. I underwent major operation also (1991) but it didn't work well. Right now I don't have one side bone in my left ankle and thus it looks very horrible. My left leg is shorter than my right leg. Though I don't have problem in walking so much the doctors and I felt that my height stopped increasing just because of the injury in my leg. I am only 5 feet and want to increase the height upto 4-5 inches. What should I do?

A:The height of a person usually does not increase after attaining skeletal maturity. As far as the deformity in left leg and the limb length discrepancy is concerned, it would be difficult to advise you on the basis of the information given. I would advise you to meet an orthopaedic surgeon who would then be able to evaluate you clinically.


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