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Is it harmful to consume iodised salt?

Q: We know that in an endemic zone of goitre, iodised salt is needed to prevent it. But if normal people in non-endemic zones consume iodine, is there any chance of increase in hypothyroidism? Does excess dietary intake inhibit iodine uptake? We see that many hypothyroid cases are increasing in number day by day. As oral steroid inhibits natural synthesis in our body, is there any logic behind the theory that iodised salt should be taken by everybody or it is to serve commercial purpose?

A:Iodine is essential trace element required by the body in ugms (micrograms). It is a must. It is bad only when it is taken in very heavy doses in mgs for long time. When taken in ugms and found in excess by the body, kidneys will throw it out on daily basis, and no side effects. When iodised salt is used, iodine intake is in micrograms, in whatever excess amount salt is taken, hence it is never harmful.


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