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Is it alright to use a conditioner for a child's hair?

Q: I just wanted to ask a question about my daughter who is 2 years and 3 months. Is it okay to use adult hair conditioner at this age or is it not recommended before 3 years of age, as it will be easier to brush if I do. At what age is it advisable to take her to kindergarden as here toddlers can go from 2 years of age so it better if she goes when she is about 2 years and a half or better wait till she is 3 years? And regarding paint, how long does it take to dry usually? Because at my parents house they had the floor over in garden painted in the summer and whenever we walk on it the paint colour comes on our shoes and the other day my daughter went barefoot and got her feet all dirty with paint? As the house had been built around 1978, if it contains lead is it harmful if the paint comes on the skin? And if it does, does it mean it is not dry yet even though months have passed since they've painted it? My daughter just 2 days ago happened to come with us to a restaurant and as my mother was giving her water from a glass she bit it and it broke. We found a small piece in the glass of water but it was a small piece not the whole piece that broke so if she swallowed small pieces by accident when she bit it, do I have to take her to the doctor to check her out or what? Is it harmful in any way? Cause her stool had little red stains of colour just after the incident, is it normal? And she seemed to have a stomach ache too just for a few minutes but then was okay.

A:You sound very worried about almost everything in your surroundings. Using adult hair conditioner for your babys hair will most likely not harm the scalp as this discrimination that such and such product is safe above three years and unsafe below three years is not based on sound scientific logic. How can the company know about your babys scalp condition? Use Cetrilak 5% shampoo - it is safe for babies as it is mild. As far as kindergarden age is concerned I think all good schools in bigger metros take in children at 4 years plus or atleast 3 years. (I am a skin specialist and am not an expert in this!!) The paint at your parents house seems innocuous too as if it had to affect your kid it would have given her a rash or some discomfort. How can you presume paint has lead in it? Please check. If its good for your parents, its good enough for you people too. Swallowing glass can be troublesome but we should remember that if size is small then it would have come out through the faeces by now. Still at least take advice from a good paediatric (child) surgeon in your area. Lastly remember being over-anxious about everything surrounding your daughter will infact lead to unwanted tension for your whole family and you. Please relax and visit a good child specialist, if need be, for your daughter.


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