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Is it alright if I have sex with a stranger?

Q: As you know that frequency of people having sex has increased a lot today, so I am always getting excited about it. I am an employee, so there are my few friends who are doing part time job too. He had done sex with one lady in his office only so nowadays we just go on teasing him about it and my other friend; he is a business man and he has done sex with his female workers and labour. Watching all this I feel more and more excited about it, many times I feel that let me also try but then I think that I should remain a virgin for my wife but on the other hand I think that what if my wife is not a virgin? So can you help me in this state what should I do? Should I find some woman or girl with whom I can do it?

A:Time and frequency of engaging in sexual activity is a matter of personal choice. It does however seem as though there is a lot of curiosity on your part about sex and some amount of confusion about whether you should engage yourself in this activity. It is important to do so only if you are comfortable with the idea and it must not be because of any pressure you experience from friends/co-workers etc. So weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself. One word of caution - ensure that you have safe sex.


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