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Is it advisable to take calcium supplements in case of a deficiency?

Q: My wrist and shoulder hurt a lot. I suspect it is calcium deficiency leading to these aches. I am 28, have a young child and have 1/2 glass of milk with weetabix and 1 small bowl of curd everyday. Is that enough intake for a vegetarian for a day? I do not eat fish and have egg once a week. Can I add any other food to my diet to increase calcium intake, I am not fond of cheese though. Also, I am hoping to plan my second pregnancy soon. I have started taking folic acid and vitamin supplements. Is it alright to take calcium supplements along with this when planning a pregnancy? A quick response would be much appreciated. Thank you.

A:I would suggest you to go for a physical check up instead of making your own judgements. The pain in your wrist and shoulder may or may not be due to calcium deficiency. It is always better to take doctors opinion before starting any kind of self medication. Your concern regarding nutrition supplements and your diet seems genuine since you are planning second pregnancy. Again checking it with your doctor will be better to make sure if you really need those supplements.


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