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Is homosexual sex painful?

Q: I am 19 years old and homosexual. Due to exposure to the media, I am well aware that my sexual preference is not a disorder. I do see gay porn sometimes. When I see it, it gives me a feeling that homosexual activities do not give pleasure to the passive (penetrated) partner, rather it's painful for him. I know, that whenever I establish a homosexual relationship, I will have to act as both - top and bottom. But I can't get over the feeling that bottom sex is painful.

A:Not all homosexual relationships are 'equal'. In some relationships, one partner is always (or predominantly) active and the other is passive. But I guess you'll have to sort these proclivities out 'upfront' before getting involved rather than by 'hindsight' later. It is true that anal intercourse can be painful in the first few attempts, especially if performed clumsily and indelicately. This is true of vaginal intercourse too. Still, as you know, millions of homosexual men the world over have surmounted these early problems and practice it regularly. This won't be happening if everybody finds it always painful. You are quite obviously misinformed. I hope this helps.


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