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Is grinding teeth at night related to anal itching?

Q: I used to grind my teeth at night and had anal itching. I have not been de-wormed for the past twenty years. Now, I am suffering from body worms but the symptoms are getting from bad to worse. I have been suffering for over a year with scary symptoms. The doctors that I have gone to, are not well versed with this problem. The symptoms are: water trickling feeling in the whole body, severe itching of the abdomen and anus, burning sensation in the hands, legs, nape of the neck, behind the ears, eyes and above the forehead. I can feel a ticklish feeling in the ear the infestation has gone into the rest of the body. This symptom started a month after my hernia surgery. The x-ray showed round worms in the large intestine and stool test showed thread worms. Also, an acute urinary track infection, urinary discharge (greenish in colour). The urine reports shows bacteria (E. coli), yeast, and sugar (+). My gynaecologist thinks its thrush infection as well. I would like a full body scan done to identify the cause of the above symptoms. I cannot understand what my problem is? I need your opinion for the above problem.

A:Grinding your teeth during sleep hours have no specific significance or relationship with any specific disease that I am aware of. The fact that you have itching in your anal area can be consistent with thread worms which can be treated and cured. You should maintain a high personal hygiene to prevent reinfection. Your skin symptoms could well be a reaction to the thread worms and I suggest you consult a dermatologist.


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