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Is grafting a good solution for vitiligo?

Q: My mother, aged 48 years, has a problem of vitiligo on her face. White spots started just below the eyes in January this year and started spreading downwards on one side of the nose at a fast rate. One doctor advised us to take PUVA treatment which she has been undergoing for the last two months. There was also an injection given to stop the spread. The spreading seems to have stopped and the injection discontinued. Now she has white patches on one side of her face. We took a second opinion from St Jones Medical College, Bangalore and were advised to continue the treatment but, as the face was involved and it is difficult to face people, he advised us to go for grafting so that the recovery is faster which otherwise would take 2 or 3 years. My mother has rheumatoid arthritis for last 15 years and is on medicines like Neprosyn, Ifimol and Chloroquin. She also has an occassional problem with asthma. I would like to know your opinion regarding grafting and if there is any problem assosciated with it?

A:Grafting is not recommended when the disease is active (ie. spreading). If there is repigmentation with PUVA therapy, the patient can use a camouflage cream to cover the patches temporarily.


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