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Is Epilex syrup safe for a two-year-old child?

Q: My two years old son had an episode of convulsions and the doctor prescribed him Epilex syrup. I do understand it has side effects, but most of its side effects mentioned are external. I would like to know about the side effects, which can harm my child internally. Is Epilex syrup safe for a two-year-old child?

A:You must understand that all medications can have side effects.A large number of side effects are dose dependant, and some side effects are allergic or unpredictable in nature. The list of side effects may run into pages, since even the rarest of side effects is listed in modern therapeutics. Epilex(sodium valproate) is a good and safe medication when used in appropriate doses. It can cause hyperactivity and attention deficits, but to a lesser extent as compared to others. It is unlikely to cause permanent damage to the brain in any form. The common other side effects relate to an increased or decreased apetite, hair fall, and weight gain. A liver function test and CBC could be done twice in the frst 3 months to monitor any side effects on the liver or bone marrow.


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