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Is artificial insemination possible at home?

Q: I am 30 yrs old and married for 5 yrs. Due to psychological reasons we are unable to have regular intercourse and now we are desperate for a child. The only solution is artificial insemination. I read in 1 website that we can do it at home and we actually tried it once at home. My husband ejaculated in a sterile container and I took a needleless syringe and pushed it out to take the air out of it and sucked up the semen. Then I pushed it a bit but most semen came out. And then the semen in the container looked like soap lather/air bubbles. What I want to ask is if it safe to inject that semen in the vagina; I mean the bubbles which have formed in the semen because I have read that air should not go in vagina as it can be harmful. Please reply as soon as possible as I am very worried and I want to conceive at the earliest.

A:Try and have normal intercourse as far as possible. If artificial insemination is to be done; get it done by a gynacologist; or at least under your doctors instuctions. She/he will guide you regarding the growth of your egg and the time of its rupture so that correct time can be calculated for A.I. He will also guide you regarding its technique.


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