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Is a doctor at risk while examining a rabies patient?

Q: I am doctor by profession and working as as a house officer in paediatrics deparment. I happened to examine child with diagnosis of rabies. I am married and having sex with my husband. I have started taking i.m. Verorab injection since today i.e. 7th November 2002. Should my husband also take injection or not? Please give me your valuable suggestion.

A:Unless there was some exposure either a puncture wound contaminated with the boy's body fluids, especially saliva, or you gave mouth to mouth respiration I do not see any need for your considering yourself, much less your husband at risk for rabies. Your husband does not need antirabies vaccine and, as far as I can judge, neither do you. However as you have started Verorab already, please treat it as pre-exposure prophylaxis. It is good to have resistance to rabies, not because of patients but because of street dogs. Stop worrying.


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