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Improve concentration

Q: I am studying in class XII with science. I am an aspiring to become an engineer, but I am not able to concentrate on my studies. Kindly tell me how I can improve my concentration.

A:Regarding improving your memory and concentration, you should plan your study or other activities and chalk out a schedule to which you should adhere to. In case you are studying take a break of 5 minutes after every 30 minutes of study to improve your concentration. Try to read things, especially the salient points again to reinforce the memory process which will help you to remember things longer. Finally do not despair or get tense, maybe your tension will make matters worse. Also, keep enough time for extra curricular activities, since they not only help to take your minds off studies for sometime, but also keep you active and energetic. Remember, all work and no play makes you dull and at this time you need all the energy that you can get.


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